Saturday, February 13, 2010

Three Miami Officers Indicted for Lying in Federal Court

MIAMI (AP) -- Three Miami-Dade police officers have been charged with lying in federal court.

Two of the officers -- 37-year-old Alkibiades Dodge and 33-year-old Waell Majed Farraj -- were released from custody on bail Friday. The third officer -- 27-year-ol Jorge Luis Gonzalez -- was in Cuba visiting family and was expected to turn himself in on Tuesday.

Federal authorities say the officers lied about conducting surveillance of a car in which a convicted felon with a gun was a passenger, prompting them to pull over the vehicle for running a stop sign. Authorities say the officers actually pulled over the car after being tipped by a confidential informant.

All three have been charged with conspiring to make false statements, to commit perjury and to obstruct justice.

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