Thursday, April 8, 2010



On August 8, 2008 Detectives from the Tampa Police Department called a press conference celebrating the arrests of several Elite Tow Company owners. The Tampa Police detectives accused AMZ Towing owner Oswaldo Viera (44 years old with no prior arrests) of illegally purchasing inoperative vehicles and selling them for scrap.

After several months of thorough discovery and inquiries into the baseless accusations, the undercover officer used in the investigation admitted that he told Mr. Viera that he had permission from the owner to sell the vehicle. Despite the lead detective's initial characterization of the case to attract media attention, the truth was that no crime was committed.

All charges against Mr. Viera were dismissed in Circuit Court. Mr. Viera was represented by board certified criminal attorney Joe Caimano.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Three Miami Officers Indicted for Lying in Federal Court

MIAMI (AP) -- Three Miami-Dade police officers have been charged with lying in federal court.

Two of the officers -- 37-year-old Alkibiades Dodge and 33-year-old Waell Majed Farraj -- were released from custody on bail Friday. The third officer -- 27-year-ol Jorge Luis Gonzalez -- was in Cuba visiting family and was expected to turn himself in on Tuesday.

Federal authorities say the officers lied about conducting surveillance of a car in which a convicted felon with a gun was a passenger, prompting them to pull over the vehicle for running a stop sign. Authorities say the officers actually pulled over the car after being tipped by a confidential informant.

All three have been charged with conspiring to make false statements, to commit perjury and to obstruct justice.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Judge Vacates Tampa Man's Life Sentence

On March 11, 2005 Jamar J. Green was sentenced to serve LIFE in prison for a drug trafficking charge. After years of appeals and post-conviction motions, an appeals court ruled that the jury's verdict of guilty as to "Armed Trafficking in Cocaine" was not supported by the evidence and that Mr. Green should be resentenced on the lesser included offense of Trafficking in Cocaine. The resentencing was scheduled for October 22, 2009, so Mr. Green and his new attorney Joe Caimano aggressively prepared for what would be Mr. Green's best shot at obtaining a fair sentence. In preparation for the resentencing, Mr. Caimano discovered that the original prosecutor, in his effort to obtain an excessively harsh sentence, misrepresented Mr. Green's prior record to the Judge. In addition, Mr. Caimano found that Mr. Green's court-appointed attorney had done nothing to prepare for the sentencing and did not know that Mr. Green lacked the prior record being presented by the prosecutor. At the conlusion of the hearing, the judge, after considering all the arguments, facts, and circumstances of the case, vacated the LIFE sentence and resentenced Mr. Green to time served. In the end, Mr. Green's family was not bitter that the prosecutor acted improperly in 2005, but was more excited and humbled that justice was served and a proper sentence rendered. See more information at

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Limiting Shackles on Juveniles in Florida

December 17, 2009. The Florida Supreme Court approved a new court rule that prohibits restraints on juveniles during court proceedings unless a judge determines they are necessary for one of three reasons: (1) preventing physical harm to the child or other people, (2) a defendant's history of disruptive courtroom behavior, or (3) a strong belief there's a substantial risk of flight.

Tampa Criminal Lawyer gets Drug Trafficking case dismissed.

Tampa, FL---December 8, 2009. A Tampa Judge dismissed drug trafficking charges against Perdo E. Rodriguez. On March 27, 2009, Mr. Rodrgiuez was arrested and charged with Trafficking Heroin in Tampa, Florida.

Mr. Caimano argued a motion to suppress on November 17, 2009 in front of Judge Daniel Sleet. Judge Sleet granted Mr. Caimano's motion to suppress, and on December 8, 2009 the charges were dismissed forever.

Tampa Lawyer Gets a Not Guilty in Large Drug Trafficking Case

Hernando County, FL.---On December 14, 2009 the client of Tampa Criminal Lawyer Joe Caimano was found not guilty of large-scale drug trafficking allegations. Marcus Fields of Port Richey, Florida had previously been accused by the Hernando County Sheriff's Office of being the ring leader of a "high-level drug organization"that operated throughout Florida. However, after listening to the evidence (or lack of evidence) against the tampa criminal attorney's client, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.